10 Reasons why to choose Laravel over other PHP frameworks.

May 25th, 2017  | By

Laravel is one of the best frameworks of PHP, developed by Taylor Otwell. This platform is awesome Because, it is not just being handled by one person, but, It is being handled by whole laravel community. Being a PHP developer I can firmly say this statement. “Wanna do it right? Wanna make up with projects on time? Go, Have laravel!”.

Laravel is not like those CMS , or ECommerce frameworks, which will satisfy your specific needs. But, It’s an all-rounder. If you can code, With the help of this framework, you can build perfectly working CMS or ECommerce Web application.


Find the reason to choosing laravel for development over other php frameworks. I’ll go through few reasons. Why you should choose laravel for development.
1) Easy to get started

Okay!! Read the title again, First reason why people starts with laravel is, It’s easy to get started. Even if you’re aware of just basics of PHP, You can easily develop 5 page site in just few hours. Still it’s not the only reason why you should choose laravel. There’s much more.

2) Open Source

It is free, open source framework that will allow you to build large & complex web applications easily. All you need is a text editor & PHP installation to get started.

3) Emerging Quickly

When I’m writing this article, Laravel is best & most used framework according to Google Trends . It can handle Extremely big projects with ease & that’s the reason why many companies have already adopted this framework.

4) Follows MVC

In development, Transparency between business logic & presentation is important. Laravel is based on MVC Architecture. It has plenty of built-in-functions, MVC increases performance & provides better documentation.

5) Community Support

Being a developer, you’ll get stuck with many problems related to development. If You’re stuck and there’s someone, who already gone through it & who can guide you, then, development would be less painful. It has wide community, which makes it stronger player among others. If you report any bug or security breach in framework, response of community is quick.

6) Secure In Nature

Laravel provides you some of the essential things which makes your application secure. Laravel’s ORM uses PDO, which prevents SQL injections. Laravel’s csrf protection prevents cross site request forgery. It’s syntax automatically escapes any html entities being passed via view parameters, which prevents cross site scripting. All you have to do is, using the proper components of the framework.

7) Built upon best

Laravel uses some of the best component of symfony. Still, it is different then symfony, as laravel is easy to get started & easy. It uses composer as a dependency manager, which manages dependencies of various libraries in your project.

8) Blade Templating

Laravel ships with blade template engine by default, which allows you to use plain php code in your application. More, it doesn’t add any overhead to your application. According to documentation, Two primary benefits of using blades are, Template Inheritance b& sections. More, Blade engine allows you to do following things. Define sections, Extend views, Echo & escaping Conditional statements, Looping & Includes.

9) Migration for Database

Migration is one of the key features provided by laravel. Migration allows you to maintain database structure of application without re-creating it. Instead of using SQL, migration allows you to write php code to control Database. Migrations allows you to rollback most recent changes you made to Database.

10) Testing is easy with laravel

Testing is important thing for any application before it’s available for end users. Laravel provides facility for Unit Testing. Sometimes new changes can break systems unexpectedly. Laravel runs many tests to ensure stability of application.


To conclude, I can only say that, Laravel is best framework in industry which is less known for failures. More, It runs regardless of which platform you’re running your system on. This framework is effective and promising which has created many opportunities.

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