CodeIgniter Development

CodeIgniter is an open source PHP framework popular for building fast paced development of dynamic websites and web apps. Thanks to a rich set of libraries that take care of all sorts of tasks for a web interface Codeigniter can ensure faster development and time to market.

Elitech Codeigniter development

We boast of a solid credentials when it comes to building dynamic web apps with Codeigniter. With a robust team of CodeIgniter developers and a solid portfolio of successful Codeigniter based websites and web apps, Elitech Systems can deliver the unmatched web experience with this framework.

Elitech is a pioneer in building dynamic web apps for multitude of niches and Codeigniter has always been one of our favourite frameworks to create aesthetically appealing interfaces with powerful and dynamic output. We unleash the versatile properties of Codeigniter for most user focused niche apps.

Elitech Codeigniter Development Benefits

CodeIgniter stands as the most popular, user friendly and dynamic PHP frameworks available as of now. The shorter learning curve and higher pace of development together make Codeigniter an ideal web development framework. Here are the key advantages of Codeigniter.

  • Perfect for Budget Development Codeigniter is open source and highly optimised for fast coding and implementation. This in turn helps reducing the development cost.
  • Lightweight and Easy to Implement Codeigniter is lightweight framework it's a rich set of libraries to take care of most functions and features. This makes implementation a lot easier.
  • Robust & ScalableIt is a highly dynamic framework with a rich set of API libraries allowing you robust performance and scalability.
  • Highly CustomisableCodeigniter is a very flexible framework that can be easily tweaked to accommodate a variety of web user needs.

What we deliver with Codeigniter?

  • CodeIgniter eCommerce Development

    With CodeIgniter we built robust eCommerce websites and web apps for businesses of diverse niches and categories.

  • CodeIgniter Web Development

    With Codeigniter we build highly dynamic websites suited for wide variety of business and consumer niches.

  • CodeIgniter Extension Development

    With the power of CodeIgniter to deliver a rich set of APIs and third party tools we develop a wide range of modular extensions and tools.

  • CodeIgniter Mobile App Development

    Unleashing the dynamic capabilities of Codeigniter we build highly responsive mobile apps to transport your web presence to a native mobile experience.

  • Third Party App Integration

    Thanks to flexibility of Codeigniter we can easily integrate wide range of third-party APIs and tools with an existing web app.

  • Hire CodeIgniter Developer

    We offer a robust team of experienced Codeigniter developers allowing our clients to hire for their offshore development projects.

  • We have a highly experienced team of Codeigniter developers
  • A solid portfolio of successful ecommerce and web apps built with Codeigniter
  • Fast paced agile development process with concurrent testing
  • We follow best coding standards to ensure optimum performance
  • Strict adherence to project timing and milestones
  • Transparent development process keeping clients always in the loop
  • Cost competitive pricing
  • Round the clock support and communication

Why Clients Choose Us ?

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