HTML5 Development

HTML5 is the latest and most upgraded version of the web’s most powerful language HTML. It was basically introduced to equip websites and web apps with state of the art capabilities such as media streaming, rich internet applications, etc. HTML 5 in more than one way revolutionised the web user experience while replacing Flash denounced widely for performance issues.

Elitech HTML5 Development

Our web development expertise at Elitech Systems has evolved over the years with projects built using latest web technologies and HTML5 only helped us deliver more sophistication, excellence and ease of use in respect of user experience. In building websites and web apps we now take advantage of the standout HTML5 capabilities to ensure a highly scalable, versatile, interactive and rich user experience.

Elitech HTML5 Development Benefits

We at Elitech Systems use HTML5 to build robust and beautiful websites and web apps with advanced features and user centric design. Here are some of the key benefits of using HTML5 for building your website.

  • Cleaner Code

    HTML5 is capable to deliver clean, clutter free and semantically organised code free from div tags.

  • User-Friendly Forms

    HTML5 allows web designer using more user friendly forms equipped with different and useful inputs and search fields.

  • Consistency

    HTML5 will help web developers ensuring better consistency in design, features and overall user experience.

  • Support for Rich Media

    HTML5 is equipped with inbuilt ability to play rich media files without using problematic Flash and similar plugins.

Elitech HTML5 Development Services

  • HTML5 Web

    We build highly responsive and feature rich websites for multiple device screens by utilising the capabilities of HTML5.

  • HTML5 Mobile Web

    With HTML5 we also build beautiful mobile only websites to help you deliver web experience for different mobile platforms.

  • HTML5 Mobile App

    We built custom mobile apps by using the highly responsive and mobile friendly features and design elements of HTML5.

  • HTML5 Mobile Games

    We also use the interactive features of HTML5 to build robust online games across niches like single/multi-player, 2D/3D/HD and games with motion sensor.

  • HTML5 Rich Internet Apps

    By using latest web development languages like CSS3, HTML5 and JavaScript we build sophisticated rich internet applications.

Why Clients Choose Us?

  • We have a dedicated web development team with rich HTML5 experience
  • We boast of a great portfolio of successful web apps and websites built with HTML5
  • We deliver highly user-focused, future ready and business critical HTML5 web apps
  • We strictly adhere to the project deadline and milestones
  • We endure a highly competitive pricing for high end HTML5 web development
  • We offer round the clock post development support

Want to know more?

Do you want to know more about how our HTML5 web development can benefit your online and mobile presence? Just drop us a message and we are going to engage with you at the earliest.