Link building was always the backbone of our SEO campaign, right since the time we ventured into this industry. We considered it to be one of the most successful tasks we undertook towards improving our clients’ search engine rankings.

With the latest spree of updates by Google, many experts have come to believe that link building is dead and have hence stopped using it. However, we are of the opinion that link building hasn’t been rendered ineffective but it has just got tougher. If one stays updated with up-to-the-minute industry information and applies advanced technical knowledge, one can still generate enviable results. The only condition is that you should know what you are doing and slit relations with those spurious methods which promise short-term, quick results.

Following is a list of certain things that we completely ignore at the time of link building and some others that we always strive to take up:


  • Those old strategies that generated results have to be disowned. These include the likes of forum signature spam, profile back-links, etc. These are not just ignored by Google now, but can also do harm to your site’s reputation and ranking.

  • Do not use the same techniques for all clients. All sites are different and so are their needs. our emphasis is always on customizing the link building strategy as per the client’s actual need.

  • Gone are those times when you were to focus on quantity of back-links. The modern times require you to be quality-oriented and have high quality links, even if they might be fewer in number.

    • DO’s:

      • We focus on editorial links from high quality and relevant websites. This requires me to look for related sites and also write some engaging content.

      • This is the era where Guest Posting & Article Marketing works wonders, and we ensure that these 2 strategies are always in our list of to-do’s at the time of executing a link building campaign.

      • We perform in-depth competitor review to understand what the competitors have been up to.
      • Finally, our emphasis is on locating and contacting blog owners, with reputed sites, to get a quality back-link. Spamming blogs with irrelevant comments is out of vogue.

      This way, We ensure that our link building efforts still bear fruits. Protection Status