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According to the current scenario and market trends, in today’s multimedia online world, having a website is not enough to set yourself apart from your competitors. A website is an official spokesperson for your company, that speaks what you want it to. And that can be done trough professional website design. As we all know the key idea behind design and development of a website is to enhance the brand image of the company, attract more traffic, generate more business leads, promote company’s products and services and ultimately help to gain the return on investment. At the same time, you must remember that having a website is not enough, you must have your significant presence on search engines, which is achieved through Search Engine Optimization.

Designing the design is an art, it’s about the imagination of the artist. Designing is about everything, it is about to know your client’s imagination, it is about to understand your client’s business, it is about to understand your client’s potential market and market size, it is about to be with current market trends, and after all it is an art of hot stamping your client’s requirement on the web as-as website design. And please note that we just not right it as a content of our site as we mean it.

For modern web designing, table-less div based design, use of CSS are essential, but there are no such particular standards in web designing, so we have created our set of rules while designing a site as guidelines for the designers at Elitech Systems Pvt Ltd and to follow them as near as possible for a professional state-of-art web design that meets the global standards. We have mentioned some of the guidelines over here for which we care about.

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    Easy to Read Website

    When building a website, the first thing you need to be sure of is that your website is easy to read. When you write content, remember that most website visitors don’t read every word of a page – in fact, they only scan pages to find what they want. To help readability, use high contrast colors between font and background. Simple fonts are the best; the fancier the font, the harder it is to read. Since many browsers only have the standard font set, use standard fonts. In reality, there is no “standard”, but there are certain fonts that are installed on most browsers. These include Arial, Verdana, Tahoma and Times New Roman. Your readers will see something different than you see if you use other fonts.

  • C

    Consistent & Intuitive Interface

    Newbies must be confronted with an easy-to-learn consistent system. Experienced users should be able to navigate the site quickly – the design should not impede or interfere navigation by an experienced user who is familiar with the site. At most, one or two layouts should be used in your site design. As a reader browses your site, they should be able to get used to looking in the same place for your navigation, for your sub-navigation, and for your content.

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    Simplify Navigation

    Give the users consistent navigation throughout the site. The importance of this simple point can’t be overstated, as newbies invariably get lost. The menus and links make up the navigation that the visitor uses to get from page to page in a site. Always plan a site around how people will get from page to page. A visitor to your site should be able to get to what they want within three clicks of their mouse. Multiple navigation points make it easy to find things. Repeat the top menu and at the bottom. Using links within your text to other areas on your site. You can create links so that they are good for search engine optimization (SEO).Using link text (anchor text) that describes what the link is about is the best way. Search engine web crawlers visit your site, they “read” links.

  • L

    Listen to the Users

    Give your users a method for providing feedback. It’s true, people rarely use the feedback option, but it’s also true they really hate it when they are not given the option. The usability of your feedback system is a key when problems strike; a good system eases tensions and a bad system escalates the tensions dramatically.

  • i

    Insist on Quick Access

    Page weight is the total size of a page on your site in bytes – code, text, and images. Your site’s page weight makes a big difference to your viewers. Lighter page weight is better for your readers because the page will download faster. The faster a page downloads, the faster they will get to the content. Try to make a page lighter by practicing good techniques like, not using larger images or using fewer images. One can compress the image. Use thumbnails. Use horizontal or vertical gradients rather than a diagonal. Use simple repeating backgrounds for effect. And other techniques to achieve optimum results. Building a page that looks good and loads quickly is not the easiest of jobs. It is not surprising that page loading times vary wildly. Still, there are things a designer can do to load the page quickly on user’s machine.

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