Why Use Magento to Build Mobile Ecommerce App?

July 28th, 2017  | By

If one industry you can name to have been affected most by digital manoeuvres most it is the retail sector. The growing fad of mobile browsing and purchasing on mobile devices is steadily affecting eCommerce sites which are aware of the mobile traffic who comprises the biggest share of their traffic and day to day interactions. While retailers are head bent in delivering customers mobile experience with a sophisticated mobile commerce store, so called mobile websites and responsive websites are no longer proving to be effective in creating a stronger customer relationship and steady business conversion.

But when retailers want to build a mobile app for their eCommerce store to ensure native look, feel and accessibility, they often face the challenge of integrating all the features and maintaining the same brand specific look and feel. Unquestionably, a retail mobile app can allow then reach their target audience more easily and help them create a stronger bond, but for that they need a performance driven CMS with sophisticated features. As far as the evaluation of the various CMS platforms are considered for mobile commerce, nothing equals the Magento in ease of use, versatility, flexibility, performance, look and feel and features. With Magento you can build a great mobile commerce app to ensure high engagement, longer sessions and business conversion.

How really Magento mobile app makes a difference?

Most Americans now tend to spend considerable part of their daily time indoor and a most people while outdoor or indoor do not part with their handheld device. Most people when requiring to enquire about something prefer to search for the same primarily through mobile browsing. Naturally while mobile has become the primary means of staying connected and getting feedback, a retail online store should invariably go for an app to deliver mobile buying experience to its audience.

When you have decided to have your own native retail app, the first and foremost consideration goes to CMS. An ideal CMS that keeps all your branding elements intact while boosting the performance and features of the retail app, will ensure higher sales conversion. Obviously, to build a superb retail store app you have an array of sophisticated CMS choices. But Magento over the years has been considered as the one designed to deliver native experience for eCommerce and mobile commerce stores.

The expectations from Magento Ecommerce App?

Let us be straightforward about one thing. Magento may be the best platform when it comes to transferring the mobile shopping experience to the native apps, but that can only be ensured with professionally equipped Magento developers. Only expert Magento eCommerce app developers with years of exposure into the field of mobile commerce can help delivering a Magento app up to the user expectations.

  • When quality Magento developers work on your retail app you can expect the following things.
  • It retains all the brand elements in look and feel with the new app.
  • It offers all the sophisticated features that modern eCommerce stores are expected to provide.
  • It looks absolutely clean, crisp and beautiful with a keen eye on attention grabbing design.
  • The new app allows browsing the products and checking out easier than earlier web versions.
  • The app enjoys quick loading time and glitch free performance.
  • With a Magento native retail app you can enjoy more scopes of customization than with web based retail stores.    

As mobile presence is continuing to be mission critical for eCommerce and web stores across the niches, it is important to give the mobile retail experience a further boost with a native experience. Magento as a CMS platform can allow you doing that in the most convincing manner.