Why You Should Choose Magento For Your E-Commerce Platform

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Nowadays, everyone is talking about Online Shopping. With current fluctuating market trends, every business prefers to have an online store to increase their sell. Here Magento comes in. Magento is purely an eCommerce tool, which comes with powerful and flexible features. Magento’s Admin Panel provides various features such as SEO Optimization tools, Marketing & Reporting tools and Catalog Management Systems etc.

What Is Magento?

Magento, Commerce without limits, is world’s #1 eCommerce platform, empowering over 200,000 online retailers till date and is chosen by 1 of every 4 online businesses.

Clubbing with powerful and flexible features, magento gives you the power of ultimate customization. Anything is possible with Magento, It comes with the powerful CMS (content management system) system. It's the platform that will grow with you.

What makes magento the world’s #1 eCommerce platform?
  • It’s Free

Magento CE (Community Edition) is open source and free version of Magento and you also don't need to subscribe for it. It also provides you latest updates. With the help of magento experts, you can easily accelerate your store’s performance and also add latest features and functionalities.

  • Born to Be an eCommerce Platform

WordPress is the widely used Content Management System, but it is not developed keeping in mind eCommerce platform, that's why it can't satisfy everyone’s needs as Magento does. Magento is mostly prefered by the retailers, because it provides the eCommerce solution that no other eCommerce platform can provide.

  • Supportive community

Users, Service providers, developers and store owners are the part of the magento community. It can be of great help when it comes to the Magento support system. While building the store, there is always someone who clears that roadblocks for you. That’s why magento community is extremely helpful and the perfect time-saver for its users. It helps to improve the performance of the store and takes the store to the another level.

  • It’s User-Friendly

By giving the easy site navigation, product zoom-in feature on product details page and product reviews, Magento provides at most buying experience for its customer. With these features customer can easily track down the product as they need. Most of the customers prefer magento because of it’s easy search functionality.  

  • It's Flexible

Every online store owner knows how important is it to choose the right payment provider. Your shopping cart must be capable of bending easily with various payment providers.  Magento easily works with Paypal, Authorize.net and many other payment providers. It adapts any kind of requirement because it's scalable. Developers can add as many features as they want because magento provides you the flexibility of customizing your store.

  • Responsive

Magento allows a website to work effectively with multiple devices, irrespective of their screen size and other features. Customers can easily access the store with their mobile devices whether it's a smartphone, an iPad, an iPhone, a tablet or even a laptop.

  • SEO-Optimized

The best thing about Magento is that it comes with the built-in SEO Feature. With this, we can optimize the search results and make our site perform much better.

  • Manage multiple Storefronts using single Backend

Magento provides you to manage multiple frontend using single backend.

  • Product alerts

Magento provides 2 types of alerts to their subscribed customers : price alert and In-stock alert. Customer is alerted through email whenever price of the product gets changed or when any special price is added to the product. Second one is the in-stock alert,  when the product comes back in the stock, at that time, the subscribed customer is notified about the product, that the product is back in the stock again, so you can buy it now. It helps the customers to come back again to the store and reconsider purchasing the product.

  • Security and Payment Options

Magento comes with multiple payment options and also provides third-party payment gateway integration. With Magento we can easily implement SSL Security and a dedicated IP, ensuring the customer to feel more secure during checkout.

  • Provide Full-Control over site

Magento provides the retailers and developers, full control over the site( both at backend and frontend) . We can customize the site as we want to. It is really helpful when retailers want to develop a creative website. Many other platforms come with certain limitations, but with Magento’s full control over your store, you can apply as many changes as you like or you may want to & beautify your site with extensions or development.

  • Multilingual and Multi-Currency

If your business is on a worldwide scale, then it is essential that your website incorporates with different languages. With Magento, we can setup multiple languages for store, so customers can experience the eCommerce website features in their preferable language. It also provides you with multiple currency options as well.

  • Number of Features

Magento comes with all the features that any eCommerce site needs. When we are talking about the features, no other eCommerce platform can beat Magento, you can check the features list.

  • Large Number of Extensions

Magento 1.x store has 9679 extensions till current date. Using these many extensions, we can add as many features as we like. In performance and feature of a website, extensions are an essential part.

  • Modular Architecture

Magento is designed and built on the standardized PHP framework i.e Zend Framework. That means aside from store extensions, we can also extend the features of the store by adding our own modules.

  • Analytics and Reporting

Magento has the built in Google Analytics tool, this feature includes eCommerce tracking, conversion and goal related tracking, demographics, visitors segmentation, and funnel visualization. All of them can help a business truly understand its market. Magento offers seven reports, including sales, shopping cart, products, customers, reviews, tags, and search terms reports. Understanding each of these a little better, will help you to make the most out of your eCommerce store.

  • One-Step Checkout

Magento comes with the built in one-page Checkout. If you are not satisfied with its checkout, you can also add the onepage checkout extensions that are available in the magento store. With Onepage Checkout, a customer doesn't need to go through the complicated process of buying.

  • Multi-Layer Navigation

With the built-in Multi-Layer Navigation System, Magento makes searching of a product as per its relevant categories and attributes, much more simpler and effortless.


World's #1 E-Commerce platform Magento, attracts many merchants and developers. Developers love it because of it’s flexibility and usability. As per the client’s requirement, we can do almost anything with this platform. Merchants love magento because of it vast number of features that it provides.

Magento is still a growing platform and has much more to offer.

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