WordPress Development

Custom WordPress theme and plugin development is our specialty. We are abreast with the latest techniques and coupled with our domain expertise we can deliver outstanding results - whatever your project.

WordPress was used by more than 27.5% of the top 10 million websites as of February 2017.

As a WordPress development company, Elitech Systems has catered numerous varieties of WordPress projects. Initially when WordPress was launched with the intention of blog publishing tool. But as time passed, with its popularity along with as the objective of blog writing has been changed, WordPress converted into full-fledged Content Management System(CMS). Nowadays the use of WordPress has been evolved such a way that it has crossed barriers as being a CMS only and now can run as a complete web application. As being a developer you can develop custom WordPress themes & custom plug-in. Developing custom theme allows a website owner to change the design of the website easily which indirectly updates a website, too without any glitches. Whereas Plug-in development empowers your website for being more than a CMS.

The main benefit of a WordPress website is, it can easily add, edit deletes the content of the website after the construction of the website. And as a plus point to it is, to update your website you require a basic knowledge of HTML. Another reason for such popularity of WordPress is its rich third party plugin & widget library. And amazingness of these libraries is they can be easily integrated & enabled with gives an advancement to facilitate other features & web 2.0 experience. Due to such library and easily & readily available large template set over the web make WordPress development fast & easy in a short notice.

We have a team of expert WordPress developers trained specially for WordPress development who can easily develop WordPress template, develop customized plug-in & integrate third party plug-ins.

  • PSD to Theme conversation
  • HTML to WordPress integration
  • Customised Plugin Development
  • 3rd Party Plug-in integration
  • Complete WordPress development
  • WordPress installation
  • WordPress maintenance & updation service
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