PPC/CPC Management

PPC or Pay Per Click is basically a paid search helping your website generate higher volume of traffic instantly. As per the method the marketers need to pay for certain keywords on the basis of number of clicks they received. Thanks to this paid campaign a business website can quickly gain in traffic volume. On the other hand, Cost per click or CPC basically refers to the payable money advertisers have to pay to the is search engines and other publishers on the web for the clicks they receive and the visitors they bring to the websites.


While both PPC and CPC continues to remain as popular form of online campaigns, only an experienced marketing team with years of experience in such campaigns can ensure you higher ROI from them. Elitech Systems is one of the leading and sought after PPC/ CPC campaign company with the ability to deliver optimum business output and competitive edge.


  • Search Engine Advertising

    We help your business find customers through our custom Paid Search Engine Advertising.

  • Social Media Advertising

    We help you gain through social media ads across most popular platforms like facebook, linkedin, twitter, pinterest and several others.

  • Retargeting Ads

    We help you boost the conversion rate of your PPC and CPC campaign with robust ads retargeting your old customers and erstwhile audience.

  • Shopping Ads

    We also help you leverage the benefits of Google Adword Shopping Ads to help you sell products online straight through google search.

  • Display Ads

    We help you promoting your products, services and business brand through display advertising on most opportune and relevant places across the web.


  • Specialized expertise and experience in both PPC/ CPC campaigns
  • Specialized expertise and experience in both PPC/ CPC campaigns
  • Specialized expertise and experience in both PPC/ CPC campaigns
  • We help you get the edge of strategic partnership with other relevant business brands in campaigns

Want to know more?

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