PPC/CPC Management

A proper combination of organic & paid SEO definitely achieves expected results. And that is the reason why we advocate Pay per click (PPC) & Cost per click (CPC) Marketing.

Improve PPC Performance

Looking for a way to automate some of the most common tedious and time-consuming tasks associated with cross engine data gathering and analysis? Choose Acquisio.

Acquisio helps you leverage the power of the industry’s leading Performance Media Platform to manage your paid search campaigns by allowing you to efficiently and effectively launch, manage, automate and optimize paid search campaigns across all major search engines.


Take the pain out of reporting! Acquisio’s fully automated reporting process lets you track and report on keyword and creative performance across all major search engines, including Google, Microsoft Ad Center/Yahoo! and Baidu. Acquisio harvests all of the performance data and automatically assembles the report for your review or, you can set it to automatically send reports to your clients, if applicable. With easy-to-understand visual reports, you will be able to immediately understand how your hard work has paid off.

Day-to-day management

Simplify the tedious but necessary tasks associated with tracking, optimizing and reporting on your search campaigns. Acquisio’s KPI tracking lets you set goals and budgets and then automatically adjusts bids and campaigns based on specific events, like reaching a certain cost per cost per conversion or return on ad spend. And our cross-engine bulk editor lets you modify campaigns and creatives across all of your accounts, eliminating the time-consuming need to tweak each account individually.

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