Why Magento 2 is Better Than Magento 1?

June 10th, 2017  | By

Magento 1.x has over 250,000 websites and stores, after official release of magento 2.0, most of the store owners has expressed the same wonder that should move from magento 1.x to magento 2.0. But Is Magento 2 is better than magento 1.x?

The Positive Impact of Magento 2

When magento 2 released, we were so much excited, whole magento team put a lot of effort into that release and delighted us with new improvements. Since Magento 2 release, many merchants come curiously to know if they should move the store from Magento 1 to Magento 2. To make that decision, you must know the new features about the magento 2. How magento 2 is better than magento 1. in Last five years magento improved so much, over this time we learn about the advantages and disadvantages of magento. one of the most advantages of using the magento is, it allows for customization to fit the needs of your website.

High Performance

According to KISSmetrics, 47% of Customer expect to load the page in 2 second or less, and 40% of them will abandon a website that takes more than 3 seconds to load. but this isn't the case with magento 2, as it runs around 20% faster than magento 1.x.

Magento 1.x doesn't built -in with the full page Cache like the enterprise edition does. so Magento 1.x is much slower than the other e-commerce Solution. On second hand Magento 2.0 built -in with the full page cache, Magento team include full page cache in Magento 2.0. Now with built-in Full page Cache System, Magento 2.0 is much faster than the Magento 1.x. Magento 2 also require MySQL version 5.6. By using the newest version of MySQL the query processing, caching and re-indexing speed of Magento 2.0  is much faster , Also re-index systems in Magento 2 is much more efficient and will have the less impact on website performance.

Improved Admin Panel

In comparison with Magento 1, the admin panel in Magento 2 is much more user friendly and intuitive. Magento 1.x admin panel is not built for mobile design and has a layout that can be confusing for first time users. The new Admin user interface for Magento 2 is a complete modern redesign from Magento 1.x, Aside from its impressive design, the admin panel is incredibly customizable for merchant users. Magento 2 Admin panel is more responsive and easy to navigate. It much more easier to navigate from one menu to another or where ever you want.

Here are some screenshots that show improvements in the admin user interface:

Improved CMS Content Interface

Improved WYSIWYG interface  has more option then the previous WYSIWYG interface  used in magento 1.x so you have the more power in content creation.

Improved Admin Menu Navigation

Going through the Systems configuration, product , catalog, reports can be rough in magento 1.x for inexperienced user and takes much more time to memorized all paths. but magento 2 comes with the improved menu navigation it allow us to easily navigate to all parts of the admin panel. we can find information easily using the new interface and manage store more efficiently.

Improved Product Page/Creation Interface

Magento 2.0 introduces new step-by-step product creation tool that makes new products creation easier it’s also allow us to add videos as well as images to the product.

Improved Grid UI

Magento 2.0 is also comes with improved grid UI.You don’t need to contact developer every time to add the column. Now the new grid UI Allow us to choose the required columns from the available list in the admin panel.

Customer User Interface Experience

In Magento 1.x Checkout, Customer has to take 4-5 steps to Complete the order. but In Magento 2.0 Checkout, Customer only need to go through 2 steps to Complete Order. Magento 2.0 Checkout process can automatically find the existing registered customer by analyzing their email address.it also simplified the process of the registration, User/Customer can register itself on checkout success page. By one survey Magento 2.0 Guest Checkout is 38% Faster than the magento 1.x Checkout.

Full Page Caching

Magento 1.x Doesn't comes with built-in full page cache system like Enterprise edition does. so site load speed has been a concern for many Customer and it Clearly impact site visitors to stay on the site and it also directly impact the sales conversion rates as well.

Magento 2.0 solved this problem by including the full page cache system in Community edition.not just in enterprise, so you can experience  optimized pages with much more faster speed.

So these are the most effective 5 reasons to choose the magento 2 over magento 1.


We've seen number of reasons why Magento2 is better than Magento1 which include High Performace with PHP7, Improved UI/UX of Admin, In-built Full Page Caching. It's perfect time to upgrade to Magento 2!!

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